mars 8, 2013

“Certain theoreticians have tried to find the equivalent of the rational goal of sports or economics for international relations. A single goal, victory, exclaims the naïve general, forgetting that military victory always affords satisfaction for amour-propre, but not always political benefits. A single imperative, national interest, solemnly proclaims the theoretician, hardly less naïve than the general, as if adding the adjective national to the concept of interest were enough to make in unequivocal. International politics is the struggle for power and security, declares another theoretician, as if there were never any contradictions between the two, as if collective persons, unlike individuals, were rationally obliged to prefer life to the reasons for living.”

– Raymond Aron. Peace and War. London : Weidenfeld & Nicolson (1966), p. 16 (emphasis in original).


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