Unmet expectations

april 4, 2013

I found myself humored when I read the conclusion of Gottschalk’s critique of the American «realist» (think Nixon and Kissinger) approach to China. No doubt with the benefit of hindsight, but it is hard to imagine a prediction wider off the mark. (As for the article more generally, she does make some valid points.)

«The Bush administration must also be prepared to contend with a united, articulate lobby of Chinese students and scholars whose cause enjoys enormous support among Americans. There are now 40,000 Chinese students in the United States and many of them do not wish to return home when their visas, which Washington extended for a year, expire. … Finally, as 1997 draws closer, the United States – and the world – may be faced with a mass emigration from Hong Kong and a collapse of Hong Kong’s economy on the eve of its return to the Chinese mainland»

(Marie Gottschalk, «The Failure of American Policy,» World Policy Journal 6, no. 4 (1989): 681-82)


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